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Corinna's Story

Like many of you, I struggled in life, trying hard to find my way, and often, it felt too hard. I usually persevered to get what I wanted, but what I got rarely felt the way I thought it should feel.  It was a feeling I was seeking, not the goal. Facing cancer and my mortality led me to really look at my life. What was I tolerating? What truly felt right, meaningful and in integrity with what I valued? By choosing to bring healing consciousness into my cancer experience, my metaphor for my life, I became able to move through with more ease and peace than if I’d stayed stuck in the fear, denial, and overwhelm that is often the response to cancer (and to many of life’s challenges). Facing my inevitable mortality finally woke me up, to BE more in the moment, and to embrace the experience of it ALL (the pain as well as the joy).

More About My Journey

After my treatments, I hired a life coach. I wanted to contribute more meaningfully to Life but needed coaching to gain clarity on what that was and how to move forward.  I knew I would remain in the veterinary field but I wanted to do more than simply return to general practice. My coach’s questions and confidence in me were inspiring, effective and contagious.  I recognized the power of her coaching skills and knew then that I had to learn this skill set and bring it into my profession.  As a practicing veterinarian for over 25 years, I worked with people who were seeking their best solutions to emotional and difficult situations. Often the best medical advice is not the best holistic/comprehensive advice, frequently provoking feelings of guilt, uncertainty, and regret. People usually know what their best answers are but fail to access them because they are stuck in the paralyzing emotional mindset of fear, guilt, shame and more. In order to help people navigate the emotional challenges associated with their pets and to allow them to identify and focus more clearly on what they actually want to experience and feel, I founded Veterinary Care Navigation™ and started my coach training with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, iPEC, in 2011. In 2013, while working with a national service dog organization, I founded EnHABiT™ Engaging the Human Animal Bond in Tandem, to enhance the power of our bonds with our animal companions. Fast forward a few years.  I am now blessed to say I am a breast cancer survivor and a different person. Now, by living my life with authenticity, acceptance, and trust (the feelings I have always sought), I am able to give back and serve through the enriching emotional connections we share with each other and with our pets.

Veterinary Care Navigation™

“What I learned from facing my own medical crisis was how difficult it can be to make important decisions when my thoughts are clouded with emotions, especially fear.  For many of us, our pets are an integral part of our lives and their problems are entangled with many other issues that we face. These dilemmas often provoke emotions that cloud our thoughts. We fear losing them or making the wrong decisions. By combining my love of being a veterinarian with my skills as a life coach, I founded Veterinary Care Navigation to provide counsel on reconciling emotional situations and difficult decision making regarding our pets and companion animals.”


“What evolved next from my work and study was EnHABiT™.  Founded in 2013, Engaging the Human Animal Bond in Tandem is a unique service focused on enhancing the quality of the bonds that people have with their pets. I’ve learned that experience is the best teacher, especially when it is fun. That’s why the experiential approach I use in teaching people emotional management, in order to get the behaviors and bonds they are looking for, is simple, effective, and enjoyable for everyone involved. I specialize in partnering with you and your pets for your personal development in order for you to achieve optimal emotional engagement and sustainable stress management. In other words, for you to learn how to more consistently and consciously be the person you and your pet have always wanted.”

Life Leadership Coaching

“In November of 2010, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. This was the catalyst to my personal journey inward and I left veterinary practice to more fully focus on my healing. What I learned during my treatments was that I had a deep seated desire to use my skills and experiences to give back to the world in a more meaningful way. I do this now by combining my knowledge and life experiences with my skills as an Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner  and life coach. I help people learn the skills of shifting from unconscious reaction to conscious choice, to realize their highest potential with emotional ease and sustainability.”