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What is EnHABiT™?

Engaging the Human Animal Bond in Tandem, EnHABiT was founded in 2013, from Corinna’s work with a national service dog organization. The focus of this service is on bonding enhancement that develops a high degree of willingness and a desire for performance/behavior success by both the human and the animal.

“It sounds complicated but it is really quite simple. Emotion determines behavior, in most cases, and our animals tend to mirror our emotional states. By developing a bond that is based on healthy “feel good” emotions such as trust, confidence, love and pleasure, a strong emotional incentive to re-create these compelling emotional states develops. EnHABiT is about learning how to manage your emotional states to consistently communicate your best intentions to your animal, while learning how to consciously minimize stressful emotions, which contribute to protective and displacement (or coping) behaviors from your pet.”

With EnHABiT, you will get enhanced inter-species communication, bonding and improved behaviors by learning how to harness the synchronizing emotional energy feedback loop you co-create with your pets, while learning how to more consistently be the person you, and your pet, enjoy.

  • "Corinna helped me to understand how my emotions were affecting Jasmine's responses (leash aggression) and for this I am so grateful. I learned that Jasmine's senses are very intense and even if I had just a little apprehension she sensed it and reacted. I was unconsciously sending her messages to protect us. Now we have such a special bond" - Susan Rand

    Susan and Jasmine
  • “I hired Corinna to help me improve the bond between my personal rescue dog and my wife’s 3 dogs. Corinna exceeded our expectations and was a pleasure to work with. Her understanding of the emotional drivers of both people and pets helped us immediately.  Corinna is intelligent, professional, and highly skilled. She follows through on her work and promises and has a deep understanding as both a veterinary doctor and a personal coach on the emotional bond between animals and humans. I highly recommend Dr Corinna. Rest assured you will get fabulous results!” - Steve Monahan, CEO, Founder, Green Pets America Charities

    Steve and Jackson
  • Learning from Dr. Corinna Murray about how we can optimize our interaction with dogs was by far one of the most eye opening and rewarding experiences I've ever had in my life. Corinna believes that most dogs, if listened to and encouraged, can become a seizure response dog.  Based on what I've seen, I have to agree. Corinna’s intention is to use her amazing skills to help people with epilepsy connect in a more meaningful way with their dogs in order to allow the dogs in their lives to detect and alert to seizures. With a limited number of service dogs available to people with epilepsy, I believe this is a fabulous service that will help people with epilepsy in a unique and exciting way.” -- Tracy Salazar, PhD; Associate Research Director with CURE: Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy;

    Tracy, Yukon and Savannah