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What is Life Leadership Coaching?

Life Leadership Coaching is a partnership, a collaborative one on one process that results in self-actualization to identify and maximize your potential. It is a process that involves gaining emotional awareness and intelligence about yourself and others. It is about understanding how your thoughts provoke an emotional response and that the emotion is what determines the action, or inaction, you take … how you lead your life. Life Leadership Coaching is not therapy. It is about gaining clarity on how you want to live and then rethinking your thoughts that are holding you back and unnecessarily creating stress for you. Life Leadership is about connecting with your power and potential by clearly identifying, and then harnessing, your emotions that inspire you, compelling you to your life’s purpose/passion/meaning.

As an Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner, Corinna will partner with you to learn the skills of shifting from unconscious reaction to conscious choice, to realize your highest potential and gain sustainable emotional ease.

The Life Leadership Coaching process includes an Energy Leadership™ Index attitudinal assessment and debriefing on your results.


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Discovering Your Bridge - Energy Leadership™ Index Plus 3 Sessions
We are born with an ability to bridge our head and heart (our thoughts and emotions) but many of us don’t know how. These sessions are designed to widen your scope for interpreting your life,  as well as teach you skills to consciously shift emotional states, from your limiting stress response to states of conscious choice that are filled with possibilities.   Autumn-Bridge-picspaper-com-600x400-2
Designing Your Bridge - Energy Leadership™ Index Plus 6 Sessions

This package takes Discovering your Bridge to a more in-depth level. Together we will develop more awareness of your choices to create what you want. Strategies and additional tools are tailored to support your ability to design your life from your authentic intentions, core values and passions; resulting in more flow, ease and fulfillment in your everyday life.


  • Corinna has a very thorough understanding of the assessment, states of consciousness and triggers that show up for us in life when stressful things happen.  It was a true pleasure to work with her as she is a compassionate, intuitive and gifted coach.  I highly recommend this process to anyone who is trying to have more awareness in their professional and personal life so they can step into states of peace and joy while minimizing the lower vibrational energy states of frustration, anger and dis-empowerment.  Thank you for the transformational work you do, Corinna!” – Rebecca Saylor Kirson, MBA, Transformational Coach @ Your Sacred Truth

  • "Dr Corinna Murray is a coaches’ coach. She has the rare ability to coach from the head as well as the heart. Many coaches understand the mind and are technical coaches. They are good but they lack considering the heart, our primary driver to success and creativity. Other coaches coach from the heart but lack the required training and technical skills required of a top level coach. Corinna has both and that dual ability puts her in a special league and is why she is so powerful in helping people get out of their limiting beliefs and open up to the bounty of the Universe." - Steve Monahan, Author, Founder, Green Pets America Charities

  • “Everyone wants to be happy.  Everyone wants to reduce the stress in their lives.  Everyone wants to reach their full potential and really live life, but no one tells us how to achieve these essential life goals. The truth is you can be miserable in the greatest situation, if you chose, or happy under the most dire of circumstances.  And while everyone would chose to be happy every day, it is impossible to figure out why we are not and cannot be fulfilled.  After my coaching sessions with Dr. Corinna, I am convinced this is not something most people can do alone.  I am very grateful for her perspective and insight in helping me recognize how I was holding myself hostage through my priorities and beliefs. The ELI system and my coaching sessions with Dr. Corinna Murray have opened the door to discovering and fulfilling these areas of my life.  As my coach, Corinna helped me help myself by examining my daily thoughts and habits and provided a way to manage them using the Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI). Looking back on this experience I see nothing but positives and now find a much deeper joy in my professional and personal life.  I couldn't be happier.  I highly recommend Dr. Corinna and the Energy Leadership™ Index to anyone who is open to positive change in their lives.”    - Kent Bruner, DVM