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What is Veterinary Care Navigation™?

Veterinary Care Navigation serves to help find your best solutions when facing challenges involving your pets. These challenges may include concerns about health care, end of life decisions, behavior, financial and relocation issues or simply bond enhancement strategies, to name a few.  As a veterinarian and a certified professional life and leadership coach, Dr. Murray helps you to identify what your needs are in order to move forward and make the best decisions for you and your pet.

“I listen to hear what your desires are for your best possible outcome, your definition, and also for your uncertainty, which is often tainted by fear. When our thoughts are fear based, they grip us and keep us from focusing on what we really want, which is love based. And because our emotions are what determine the actions we take, when fearful, we  block our ability to create what we want, and often reinforce what we don’t want.
In session, I help you shift from your emotional state of stress, which is fear based, to a higher emotional state that is confident and love based. From that higher state, you will gain clarity with what is best for everyone, especially your beloved pet. Our brains can only switch emotional states in a progressive manner. There is a systematic shifting that is required. Not only can you find your best solutions with this systematic approach, you can learn how to use this method in all aspects of your life.”
With Veterinary care Navigation, Dr. Murray also provides insights toward enhancing the quality of the bond you have with your pets to improve communication and foster optimal behavior.

  • “As a pet owner facing difficult choices regarding the health of my much loved companion, I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Corinna Murray.  I can say that thereafter, that the decisions I eventually made were arrived upon with confidence, and the utmost clarity of mind.  Thoughtful communication, active listening, compassion and the perspective of a veterinary clinician were all essential elements in this process for me.  I would like to think of myself as ‘having it all together’ but in this case, I just could not have sorted through so many things without help of a ‘navigator.’ I was an emotional wreck and couldn’t think clearly. I cannot adequately express how thankful I am that Dr. Murray’s services were brought to my attention at a time when I really needed help.” - Karen D. Winston

    Karen and Max
  • To digest all of the information, diagnoses and treatment options when the emotions are so great is overwhelming. Talking with Dr. Corinna Murray, I was able to formulate some questions and ultimately figure out what I needed. I would think that I'm not the only one who would say it’s easy to feel "alone" when your beloved pet is struggling health wise, so to have her empathize, listen and help get my thoughts in order was a great help.” - Leslie Greenfield

    Leslie and Reagan
  • "I am very grateful for this unique service Corinna is now providing. I don't know anyone more qualified, or gentle in spirit to guide us through delicate decisions in our lives. Our pets are such an important part of our lives. There is no-one I trust or respect more, in many areas of life, most especially the care of our pets, than Dr. Murray. She is the first one I call when I find myself in these difficult situations. Thank You Corinna, for having the vision, the inspiration, and the compassion to help us through difficult moments." - Robert Tumm

    Robert and Summer
  • “Crash sends his regards.  Hey, you saved his life and my sanity!! Corinna rescued all of us!” -  Ann Starzenski

    Ann and Corinna
  • “I met Dr. Corinna when our Angel was nearing the end of her life. She gave such sweet care to all of us, and held the space for me to look at death in a loving safe environment. It was not just the imminent transition of my blessed Angel that I was resisting, but also acknowledging my aging parents, even my own death. Corinna helped me to bring all this into the Light. I was able to let go of some major fear and allow Angel to pass here at home in loving peace.  Her work is priceless, simply priceless!” - Pam Brooks-Crump, MBA, Founder of W.E.C.A.N.  

    Pam and Angel
  • “It is difficult to know all the right questions to ask when you are presented with the news that your dog has terminal cancer. Many questions and emotions occur over time as the news sinks in and your dog’s condition changes. Dr. Corinna Murray has been an invaluable resource to our family. Her knowledge of veterinary medicine, along with her intuitive understanding of the emotional process faced by dog owners in this situation, helped us to better navigate the decisions we’ve faced.  Dr. Murray helped us facilitate better communication with the specialist, resolve emotional conflicts and meet the needs of both Bayley and my family.  I would hope that other dog owners would be as fortunate to have her services." - Frank R. and Ashley Bobo

    Frank, Ashley, and Bayley
  • “I can’t say enough about Corinna’s kindness and gentleness with Lizzy. She knew exactly how to approach her and seemed to understand my feelings and concerns completely. Although pets are only with us a short while, our love for them is genuine, and Corinna’s advice was life affirming and gave me peace that while I have her with me, I am honoring Lizzy and myself. The peace that gives me is immeasurable. Thank you SO much, Corinna!” - Debra Donaldson Scott