“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.” Native American Proverb

What captivates you and lights you up more than anything else? What compels you, excites you, and feels effortless in your experiencing of it?

Trust your first thoughts. Listen with your heart. These are your guides that reveal your true passions and desires. These are your sign posts that ultimately lead you to your gifts and your life’s purpose.

When we honor the compelling nature of our heartfelt desires, we connect with our destiny in that very moment. This is bliss. Just as children live in the moment with passion, they effortlessly experience life from a state of wonder, playfulness, creativity, and delight. It is contagious and invigorating. These states are also powerfully healing and our most healthy states of being. Not only do our bodies function optimally, so do our minds. When we live in these states where we experience joy, not only do we in turn gift that Joy back to the world and others but we are a conduit for cultivating the best of ourselves and living our purpose.

But, oh . . .

Many of us abandoned our true nature and passions as we grew into adulthood. Many of us were taught that “childish behavior” was somehow bad, that life was serious and hard. Struggle became a virtue for many and a way of life for most. We disconnected from our passions and desires, often with judgment that our passions and desires were somehow inherently foolish, selfish, or frivolous. Our health suffered as did many of our relationships. Unconscious choices often led to self-medicating with addictive behaviors and patterns of coping.

Ouch, but quite true for many of us. With compassion for yourself and others, keep in mind how difficult it can be to arrive at a destination if you don’t know what it is or where you are going. This is especially true for your life’s journey and realizing your purpose, your bliss. To realize your deepest desires and therefore your purpose, notice what brings you joy, what feels good and right and wonderful to you. By following this guidance, with focused intention, you create your life, expanding your understanding of yourself, and you open to the expansive life you are meant to live . . . your destiny.

Set aside some time today to do something you thoroughly enjoy. It can be anything . . . a walk with your dog, reading a good book, or creating a delicious meal. Do it purely for the joy it brings you. When you lie in bed tonight, revisit these moments in your mind, considering why this activity felt good to you or brought you joy. Set your intention to wake the next day in this same state and notice what unfolds.