“If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will hold on to.” – Lao Tzu

What I wish I believed when I was young, innocent, and naïve, was that there are no mistakes, only opportunities to discover new experiences and to learn from them. As a curious baby, I came into this world knowing this truth, that there are no mistakes, exploring the world through sensation and the eyes of wonder. We all did, but most of us grew up forgetting this truth, taking on the beliefs of the world and the people we lived with. We took on their definitions and their labels of good and bad, right and wrong, worthy and unworthy, and processed these through our emotions at first, identifying with the labels by how they made us feel. How we felt about ourselves and the world we lived in then became defined by our thoughts that were shaped by this outer world. We in turn tried to control this unpredictable world around us in order to “feel good” or “better.” We often succeeded in controlling things but more often than not, we didn’t. How could we? It is simply not possible to do so consistently but we labeled it anyway, as a mistake, or even worse, failure.

For many of us it takes a lifetime of examination, or for some, a crisis, to relearn this simple truth, that there are no mistakes. Everything in nature is nature and of natural consequence. Once we let go of needing things to be different in order to feel good, we can enter the present moment, experiencing it once again through sensation and the eyes of wonder. We can take on the freshness of the experience and script a new story, open to the possibilities and with a sense of adventure. When we let go and surrender to the wisdom in uncertainty, we find freedom from our past limitations and beliefs.

Consider taking time today to explore the thoughts, feelings, and sensations connected to your experience of letting go. As you go through the day, practice the fine art of detachment and let life flow. Allow yourself to shift your approach, to perhaps take a different route on your walk or drive, or perhaps simply make the choice to be calm when you might not otherwise. Notice what it feels like when you let go.